In 1960 Faggi Enrico Spa’s founder started his company with the recovery of gold from residues of the activities of the ceramic decorations and thanks to his strong entrepreneurial attitude, expanded the business to the recovery and refining of metals contained in industrial wastes.

In 1980, he is joined by his sons, Gianni and Franco and the company is enriched with new skills and competences and becomes an industrial activity with a factory based in Sesto Fiorentino.

Nowadays, Faggi Spa is specialized in the production, recovery and refining of fine chemicals and catalysts, and the trading of precious metals acquiring a continuous growth in the market.

Our Mission

Is to promote a circular economy by providing a closed-cycle treatment service for waste containing precious metals, minimizing the environmental impact and improving the production efficiency.

Our Policy

At FAGGI ENRICO S.p.A, we identify the aspects of quality, environment and safety as the key points for the future.

Customer satisfaction is a primary objective and a particular  attention is being placed on the company’s compliance to current legislation on environment, health and security of employees in the workplace and there are ongoing improvement on environmental sustainability and pollution prevention through the allocation of the necessary human and financial resources. 

We adopt a policy in line with the current regulations UNI EN ISO 9001 ,UNI EN ISO 14001, CE regulation n. 1221:2009 on the voluntary participation in  eco-management community and audit scheme (EMAS) and with the UNI EN ISO 45001.