Fine chemicals

We produce compounds based on precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru).

Our fine chemicals are used in the plating processes of the galvanic industries as well as pharmaceutical, in the aerospace and automotive industries.

The development, characterization and analysis of new compounds, made on specific customer requirements, are made in our lab that have the most advanced equipment.



Products are sold on a made-to-order or made-to-demand basis, combining our manufacturing expertise with those of our collaborative sourcing partners.


In our factory we produce heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts.

They are made from the platinum group metals (PGM) and are used in the processes of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries of fine chemicals.

Our highly flexible production platform consists of a pilot plant and two industrial plants dedicated to the production of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts with a capacity from 1 kg up to tons of product.



In our laboratory of research and development, equipped with the most advanced instrumentation PMG Catalyst.

In our R&D laboratory we carry out the characterization and analysis of new catalyst tailor made for our customers.

We have a strong collaboration with The Institute of Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds (ICCOM- CNR) and the department of Organic Chemistry of the University of Florence.


Meeting point of supply and demand for physical metal.

We are always able to buy and sell pure metal at market prices.

The desk is available to customers for a variety of information and consultation.

It provides real-time information on quotes of precious metals and
currencies, on their performance and on all the fixings.

In the territory we are present with two metal Desks: one in Florence and one in the gold district of Arezzo.



Through the head office and the agency of Arezzo, it guarantees stock of products and metals in the shortest possible time ensuring timely delivery of the precious.


Separation of the precious from the industrial waste.

We recover precious metals from the galvanic industry, from catalysts for pharmaceutical and petrochemical use, from the gold and silver sector, from the glass sector, and so much more.

After the transformation processes of industrial waste, this will be sent to refining to ensure the best yields and highest purities for our customer.



We offer a complete service, we take care of both the disposal and / or recovery, and the related transport service, throughout the national territory.


We arrange waste disposal and recovery on behalf of third parties.


We are authorized to transport toxic gases and we can transport dangerous and non dangerous special wastes.