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We are specialized in production of FINE CHEMICALS and CATALYSTS, RECOVERY, REFINING and TRADING of precious metals.

The experience and tradition are intelligently combined to provide the foundation on which it is solidly built industrial complex we see today.

The company's mission requires that the development and growth are always sustainable for the environment and ecosystem.

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Fine Chemicals

Our fine chemicals are used in plating processes of galvanic industries.



The catalysts are based on metals from the Platinum group, they are used in the chemical industry processes.


Trade precious metals

We are always able to buy and sell pure metal at market prices, available quotations of precious metals and currencies.


Recovery and refining

We recover the precious from the galvanic industry, catalysts for pharmaceutical and petrochemical use, the gold- and silver sector, the glass sector.

An answer for all demands

Faggi Enrico spa also deals with a great number of service activities to satisfy the different needs of the client: characterization, managing and removal of waste product, recovery of priceless elements from processing waste, guidance and intermediation for the bid-offer discussion about waste control, customized ADR consultation, supply strategies for raw materials for the support of performances continued over time.

Create of chemical operations

A critical division of the corporation's activities is made up in the develop of chemical operations for the construction of ad hoc compounds on call. With particular focus on the segment of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, in the recent years, the range of products obtainable has been greatly broadened.

Respect for the ambiance

Faggi Enrico spa pays special focus to energy consumption and use of raw components in the attention of an ever larger respect for the environment. Use of ecological methods within the so-called "green chemistry is a particular of the principal target. For technological improvement and the progress of ever new products Faggi Spa participates in European announcement where the primary added values are the wellness of workers and customers together with the ecology.

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We have been working in the precious metals sector for over 50 years

We have tradition, expertise, experience in the production of fine chemicals and catalysts, in the recovery, refining and marketing of precious metals.


FAGGI ENRICO S.p.A. leader in the sector

We work with respect for the environment and the best quality standards. Solidity, professionalism and reliability are our genetic heritage


The research and development laboratory is responsible for creating and testing new products


We operate in respect of the environment, health and safety of workers and social ethics.


High technology systems work under the guidance of experienced personnel.


Professionalism and knowledge are at the service for the production of catalysts and fine chemicals.

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