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FAGGI ENRICO S.p.A.: more than 50 years of experience
in the field of precious metals.

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Fine chemical company

Our business has got more than 50 years of expertise in the field of metals, having a great tradition and expertise in fine chemical production, along with metal recovery and recycle.

Faggi Enrico Spa: Precious metals recycling company

We operate with superior expertise and enthusiasm to provide metal catalysts as well as fine chemicals for our clientele. Our staff utilizes all our expertise and solutions to offer our clients a comprehensive metal refining and recovery service.

We specialize in the production of fine chemicals and catalysts, we offer precious metal recovery and refining services and we are precious metal dealers.

Precious metal refinery

Heterogeneous catalysts

Palladium sulphate


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Fine chemical company | Precious metals recycling company

Lindlar catalyst - Enrico Faggi Spa

We always work to explore different strategies, to know something more, to explore new sectors. We train our staff because we want to grow our expertise and competence. While doing so, we concentrate our efforts on research, to successfully enrich our solutions and create brand new ones, rigorously meeting all the present quality requirements and constantly doing business in a ecological way.

+50 years of experience

3500 m2

Cutting-edge machinery